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Building community knowledgebase

Community contribution


Considering the availability of information and rapid growth, by no means the available pathway information could be maintained up to the date completely by one group. A consorted efforts should be put by user community to periodically update the pathways with more new information. We also hope to get the active involvement from the community to update and improve the pathway information.

Figure 1: user submitted annotations can be viewed in contributed section and also its association with pathway components are marked with tags overlaid on pathway diagram.

At present community can contribute by submitting functional annotations (see Figure 2). These annotations can be for any componet (entity or events) in the pathway hierarchy. Upon right mouse click on any entity located in the pathway browser, context menu open and user can select submit-form to annotate pathways. User can enter a concise phrase describing the highlighted entity, with evidence by supplying the PubMed ID or complete citation details. The submitted information is automatically associated with the highlighted entity and stored in our database. Optionally personal details can be submitted.  Contributors will be acknowledged if an email address was entered. The information is verified by our expert team for errors and inappropriate content and then made available to public. All of these community submitted information can also be freely exported. Upon user section to view the contributed information, those components of the pathways which have annotations associated with it will be marked  by the tags as shown in the Figure 1.

We are working to make KcPAVS import and export annotations that are compatible with community website like Payao. The scientific community is encouraged to contribute to the KcPAVS database.

Please contact: support*at*cidms.org

Figure 2: Screen shot of form for submitting protein annotation.

(similarly annotation can be submitted at pathway, interaction and for each molecule type)