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User interface and ergonomics

KcPAVS is designed meticulously to provide intuitive user interface (UI)  easy to use. The presentation of information is comprehensive and contextual. All this improves user experience (UX) and accessibility to relevant information quickly.

The listed features highlights KcPAVS UI / UX design efforts:

  • All in one screen (AIOS) design 
  • Single pathway view / Multiple pathway view
  • Customizable layouts and docking/undocking functionality allows convenient adjustment of work area depending on the task
In the following section you will find demos or screen shots illustrating the KcPAVS user interface and its usage:

Multi-pathway view

Quickly compare and find difference between pathways. In the figure below cell cycle signaling pathway from human and rat was compared. One can quickly notice difference -- PRKDC protein is not reported to be present in rats.

PRKDC protein in rat and was reported not found when searched on Uniprot database

Similarly, multi-pathway view is very handy while comparing analysis results overlaid over pathways displaying time series data or multiple condition

Single pathway view

Figure below is a snapshot of KcPAVS displaying global metabolic map. Also shown in the figure is hierarchical presentation of map data on the left hand side. The list of all the small molecule in the map listed below. Various contextual information integrated from several sources can be quickly accessed all in one screen.

Dynamically customizing KcPAVS layout (user interface) to make it convenient to work on a given task

Slides showing using KcPAVS multiple pathway view to make comparisons between two pathways