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Visualization and Animation

Demo 1: Exploring and visualization of data on KEGG metabolic global maps

Figure 1: Experimental observations viewed as heat maps

Figure 2: Experimental observations viewed as charts

Figure 3: Experimental observation viewed has line charts ( only few genes are plotted)

Figure 4: Experimental observation overlaid as heat maps embedded on a pathway


This tool allows animation of experimental data in the context of biological pathways.Animation is an useful visualization technique that highlights dynamic changes of key components of pathways that are important over experimental conditions (time, biological conditions, samples, cells etc).

Various settings that allow customization of animation.

Figure 1: Screen shot of animation settings window

Demo 2:Demonstration of animation of time series gene expression data ( 4 time points: 2hr control, 2hr, 4hr, 8hr, 24hr). Green color for down regulated genes and red for up regulation of genes. Intensity of color is proportional to the amount of down and up regulation.